Purpose-led businesses in Atlantic Canada are growing.

Purpose-led businesses are making our world a better place, through the products and services they sell or how they operate.

These businesses range from healthcare to finance, from data and digital agencies to energy, from agribusiness to ocean science innovators, all located right here in Atlantic Canada.

For the first time, we’re exploring how these Atlantic Canadian businesses have set a clear purpose beyond profit and are contributing to our economic development agenda.

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Profiling purpose-led businesses in Atlantic Canada, starting with Spring Loaded Technology, T4G and Peer Ledger.

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Stories about purpose-led businesses in Atlantic Canada

For over a decade purpose-led businesses have shown they are better at

Attracting talent and customers
Employees and customers are more likely to choose, and stick with, companies that are making our world a better place

Growing revenue and investment
Purpose-led companies are outperforming on the stock market and offer less risk for investors

Innovation and R&D
Purpose-led companies are innovating in their products and operations by finding new ways to tackle social and environmental challenges while creating efficiencies and saving costs

Atlantic Canada's growth and sustainability also depends on our ability to attract newcomers, support talent and skills to stay in our region, grow our companies, attract investment, and foster innovation.

Our report will uncover what makes purpose-led businesses in Atlantic Canada tick. Is their purpose helping their business grow while delivering economic, social and environmental value for our communities and provinces?